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'A doctor in your back pocket': Patients participate in their own care via Apple iPad

Hershel D. Sinay, 74, has grappled with ulcerative colitis for years, a debilitating inflammatory condition of the digestive tract that has made it difficult for him to socialize, travel and even get out of bed.

'Babies by Design: Redefining Humans?' symposium slated at UCLA Jan. 27

AThis free, half-day symposium explores the complex challenges and choices associated with new embryo-testing technologies, which provide parents with increasingly more genetic information and invite them to select only the best traits for their children.

'Bearing witness to daily struggle' is what drew this doctor to medicine

As an AmeriCorps member, Dr. Carlos Oronce saw firsthand how patients struggle to access health care

'Beating heart' technology could revolutionize field of heart transplantation

The heart transplantation team at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical is currently leading a national, multicenter phase 2 clinical study of an experimental organ-preservation system that allows donor hearts to continue functioning in a near-physiologic state outside the body during transport.

'Best' hospitals should be required to deliver tobacco treatment

A UCLA-led report calls for accreditation processes to include data on medical centers' smoking cessation programs.

'Black Minds Matter': UCLA Health experts address mental health needs of the Black community and the role of racism

‘Our ethnicity and the color of our skin can dictate almost everything about our mental health and how we’re perceived by other people,’ says Dr. Gail Wyatt.

'Brain' organoids grown in lab mature much like infant brains

A new study from UCLA and Stanford University researchers finds that three-dimensional human stem cell-derived 'mini brain' organoids can mature in a manner that is strikingly similar to human brain development.

'Carmaheaven': Closure of 405 in 2011 improved air quality up to 83 percent

Take the time to enjoy a deep breath next weekend when the 405 freeway closes for Carmageddon II.

'Do no harm': Patient-centered end-of-life care means happier patients who live longer

New doctors take an oath to do no harm, but many physicians, in their zeal to prolong people's lives, often end up exposing patients to aggressive treatments that don't improve outcomes and that drive up health care costs.

'Dribble for the Cure III' Raises $95,000 for the Fight Against Children's Cancer

On Sunday, Nov. 7, the third annual "Dribble For The Cure" was held on the UCLA campus with donations totaling $95,000 to help find a cure for children's cancer.

'Dribble for the Cure' supports pediatric cancer research, treatments

UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital joins forces with the UCLA men's basketball team, the UCLA Athletics Department and the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation to present the first-ever "Dribble for the Cure" which will feature sponsored participants dribbling basketballs along a course through the UCLA campus.

'Eat your vegetables!' New book redefines how to raise healthy eaters

How do you get a picky young eater who refuses everything to like fruits and vegetables? How do you get children to try nutritious foods when all they want is something sweet or salty?

'Free moving' dance has healing benefits for mental health

UCLA Health study shows conscious, or ecstatic, dance helps those struggling with depression and anxiety.