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About Us

Human health is inextricably connected to the health of the planet. As the #5 health system nationally, UCLA Health recognizes the importance of environmental health, social equity, and economic vitality. We are committed to addressing our environmental footprint and understand the necessity of incorporating sustainable practices in our operations.

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Our Mission

The mission of sustainability at UCLA Health is to create a culture in which all staff, patients, and community members are engaged in making our planet a healthier place. We are committed to advancing sustainability awareness through education, research, operations, and community partnerships. We understand the importance of addressing our environmental footprint and the impact it has on the communities we serve.

Environmental Health and Human Health

Environmental health and human health are intrinsically linked, and this connection has never been clearer than it is today. In California, our fire seasons are drier, longer and burn more acres than ever before. Our patients are faced with poor air quality that can lead to pulmonary or cardiovascular diseases. As society has industrialized, we continue to face exposure to harmful chemicals, water contamination and the prevalence of microplastics, especially among underprivileged populations.

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Resources for All

We intend this site to provide resources for all of our stakeholders on our sustainability progress, and provide avenues for action so you can get involved in helping us achieve our goal to create healthier communities on a healthier planet.

Message from our President & CEO

Sustainability at UCLA Health means addressing the interconnection between environmental health, social equity and economic vitality to create healthy, diverse and resilient communities for this generation and those to come.

- Johnese Spisso, President & CEO, UCLA Health

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