NCUHS Minor Volunteers

Non-Clinical UCLA Health Sciences (NCUHS) Minor Volunteer Program

The following program is for invited students who are 16-17 years of age.

Non-Clinical UCLA Health Sciences registered Volunteers are required to remain within the locations according to their approved scope of duties



  • "Non-Clinical Activities": activities that will NOT involve ANY of the following:
    • Patient or human research subject contact/interaction
    • Access to or handle any identifiable/clinical/medical information
    • Perform any duties involving activity within clinical settings and areas (i.e. hospital, clinics, waiting rooms, etc.)
  • "Health Sciences Minor Volunteers": You are a high school student or underage individual who is 16-17 years old and will be volunteering your time to assist UCLA Faculty and Staff  without any form of compensation. As a minor (ages 16-17 years), you will be restricted to clerical and basic research duties.
    • If you are a UCLA Student under the age of 18 years AND enrolling in a UCLA elective research course (i.e. SRP), you must have your inviting faculty complete the Minor Volunteer Scope of Duties Forms.
    • UCLA Students who are under the age of 18 and will be conducting research for a UCLA elective research course, your inviting faculty must submit a request for Exception to Policy for office approval.

To Get Started

Applicants: You must be officially invited by the inviting supervisor (UCLA Health Sciences Staff/Faculty) and receive an Opportunity Link via email to sign up for their Volunteer Assignment. (Click here for an example of an Opportunity Link)

  • New NCUHS Volunteer Applicants: You will be prompted to complete the On-Boarding process.
  • Existing NCUHS Volunteers: You will be prompted to update your information to ensure eligibility and complete any missing On-Boarding requirements before the CUHS Program Coordinator can approve and place you with the supervisor’s assignment.

Inviting Supervisors: Must be a UCLA Health Sciences Employee (may not be an undergraduate student worker or contractor/contingent worker).

  • Before Proceeding, please read the Volunteer Guidelines. 
  • Please click here for instructions (via UCLA Health Box. (Click here for an example of what an Opportunity Link would entail)
    • Please use your Mednet Login to access the document, if you are unable to access this, please contact our staff ([email protected]).
    • During the summer and as Fall quarter approaches, we receive higher than usual volunteer requests. Thank you for your patience as we review them and get back to you as soon as we can.

What to Expect

  • Applicants may preview the Non-Clinical UCLA Health Sciences Volunteer Requirements to help expedite the process and prepare for the On-Boarding Process. 
  • Once your supervisor's Opportunity form is approved, you (applicant) will receive a link to the Opportunity which you must "sign up" to apply for On-Boarding to start. Please see How to Manual Here
  • Turnaround time from On Boarding to Final Session is typically 1-2 weeks (with no delays from background checks, other clearance items, and/or other approvals).
  • The Sign-Up for an On-Boarding Follow-Up will not be available until all of the requirements are completed and verified by our coordinators.
  • After the On-Boarding Follow-Up, you are required to complete the Orientation Quiz to finalize the clearance process.

For any additional questions NOT listed in our FAQs, please contact the UCLA Health Sciences Volunteer Office.