Remote Desktop (i.e. MyDesktop) Access Usage and Purpose

Please READ to ensure that the purpose for Remote Desktop access is appropriate and within the following requirements before submitting the request. Requests must be submitted for review and approval by the Volunteer Office ([email protected]). 

Requirements/Restrictions (must adhere to all):

  • The Volunteer must be currently registered and active as a UCLA Volunteer/SRP student with the UCLA Health and/or Health Sciences Volunteer Office, and in good standing with their status, requirements and training.
  • The Volunteer’s current approved scope of duties/service description aligns with the proposed duties for remote desktop access usage.
  • The Supervisor will update the Volunteer Office of any changes to the remote activities performed by the Volunteer.
  • The Supervisor will revise the Volunteer’s scope of duties/service description to include the need of a Mednet account and duties if not already approved.
  • The Supervisor is responsible for supervising and guiding the Volunteer on the appropriate use of personal devices and accesses as well as proper cyber security etiquette.
  • Remote Desktop will only be used for the purpose of supporting the duties listed and approved on this form.
  • Remote Desktop will only be used to access non-clinical, non-restricted, and de-identified data and information.
  • Remote Desktop will only be used on a device that is compliant with UCLA Health encryption policy with up to date anti-virus/anti-malware software installed.
  • Remote Desktop will only be used when necessary and will not be connected if it is not needed for a particular task (i.e. searching for publicly accessible information, etc.).
  • Only one user can remote into or use a computer/workstation; therefore, priority for computer/workstation usage must be given to employees. If scheduling conflicts arise, the supervisor is responsible for managing the time and scheduling of desktop usage for their employees and volunteers.
  • All access granted to the Volunteer will be disabled immediately if there is any inappropriate usage suspected or encountered for further investigation. Future and current volunteer status will also be jeopardized as well as other possible consequences among the Volunteer and/or supervisor following further investigation and/or findings.
  • This request is within Volunteer Guidelines:


  • Remote Desktop is NOT permitted to be used to access any clinical, identifiable, or otherwise restricted information (i.e. Protected Health Information, etc.) from systems including Care Connect/EPIC, UCLA Health Box, shared drives, Mednet/Email communications, or any other forms of communication or access including Zoom with patients or study participants.
  • The Volunteer is NOT permitted to extract any data or information out of the desktop.

Request Form for Remote Desktop: 

Requesting Remote Desktop Access

Supervisors or Department IT Authorizers may submit a request for Volunteers and UCLA SRP students to have temporary Remote Desktop access ONLY if the requirements and parameters are met as outlined on the "Remote Desktop Request Form". Review and approval is case by case, each volunteer/SRP student must have their own request for each assignment and supervisor they are requesting to use Remote Desktop access for. 

Instructions for Supervisors/IT Authorizers on how to submit access request:

  1. The Remote Desktop Request Form is completed, submitted, reviewed and has been approved by the Volunteer Office.
  2. Once the form is approved, submit the request through ServiceNow (if you need any assistance, please check with your department IT Authorizer):
    1. Under the Service Catalog section, go to "Identity Management" section and click on "view all items", then scroll down to find "My Desktop" option. 
  3. The request will prompt the verification process in which a final approval process will be performed in order to grant access to the volunteer/SRP student. 
  4. Once approved, the volunteer will receive an approval email to start accessing MyDesktop. 

How to use Remote Desktop Access (Only if Approved)

(Instructions for Volunteers/UCLA Students) Once your Remote Desktop access has been approved and granted, please see how to access it on your personal device:

  1. You should have received an email with computer access instructions once request is approved.
  2. Make sure your device is encrypted and has an up-to-date anti-virus/malware software active and installed.
  3. Go to the for instructions.
  4. Enter Computer Name (can be found in your approved request form or email)
  5. Call IT Help if you are having any issues with accessing the Remote Desktop: 310-267-2273