Brand Identity

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What is brand?

Welcome to the UCLA Health Center for Brand Excellence. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive hub of information and protocols for accurately representing the UCLA Health brand.

In a marketing context, a brand is how people perceive your product, service or organization. It’s what people think of you, how they feel about you, and why they support you.

Vital, impactful brands are built on truth and continuity. They are what they say they are. And they are united in how they say it, so you never confuse them with competing brands. That’s why so much emphasis is put on conformity of brand language and look, and why all brands have guidelines like this one.

Who can use this site

All members of the UCLA Health family are welcome to explore this site. However, UCLA Health employees and partners should follow the below guidelines when using any component of the UCLA Health brand, including our registered logo:
•    Only UCLA Health faculty and staff may download assets
•    Physicians and researchers can order business cards and use registered UCLA Health logos on presentations and research posters
•    With written approval from UCLA Health Marketing, authorized agencies and designers may get download privileges while working on UCLA Health projects 

To see if you need permission for a specific use of marketing materials, or to submit a request to UCLA Health Marketing, explore our Resources and Orders section.

Expanding brand guidelines to promote inclusivity

As UCLA Health works to advance racial equity, we are gently expanding brand guidelines to support more holistic and comprehensive representations of our brand.

For example, we recently expanded our use of the term LGBTQ+ to include the “plus” sign, which is more inclusive of other gender identities and sexual orientations not covered by the original five initials.

For more information, see our updated brand guidelines.