Logos and Marks

UCLA Health

Caught up in the size and complexity of UCLA Health and the excitement of new research and academic programs, it’s tempting to create and use “custom” logos. But the UCLA Health story is best told within a consistent framework, including disciplined use of logos and marks. UCLA Health’s logos and marks are valuable institutional assets, protected both by law and policy. This section provides a guide to the basic graphics and their proper usage.

The health sciences at UCLA are organized under the UCLA Health brand umbrella. There are two different categories of operating units: clinical and academic. The clinical enterprise follows the UCLA Health identity system. Academic units follow the UCLA identity system.

For example, the medical school is an academic unit, so it would follow the UCLA identity system. The UCLA Stein Eye Institute treats patients in a clinical setting, so it follows the UCLA Health identity system.

UCLA Health is a registered trademark. State, federal and international law protect UCLA Health’s trademarks.

The employees of UCLA Health have a right (and responsibility) to use the UCLA Health marks on the print, video and online materials they create to conduct the business of the health system, but they must do so properly. We recommend using an ® with the UCLA Health logo either upon first usage, in the most prominent location, or both.

Third parties cannot use the UCLA Health trademark without first obtaining written permission from the trademark owner and must otherwise comply with our brand protection policies: 110, 411 and 863.

Departments and Units

Policy 110 reaffirms that the UCLA Health logo is the standard logo for all health system departments and units. The health system logo is a required brand element, to be used in accordance with the guidelines on this page.

If you need to combine the health system logo with the name of your facility or department, see Department Logos.

Affiliated Organizations

The health system logo may not be used by organizations outside of UCLA Health without written permission. To learn more, visit the Brand Information page. Individual staff members may be able to use the health system logo on research posters. See the Presentations section.