LGBTQ+ Champion Logo

About the logo

UCLA Health is dedicated to delivering inclusive and equitable care to support all patients, including our diverse LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) community.

The latest LGBTQ+ Champion logo designates the physicians who have specialized training and experience caring for LGBTQ+ patients. This virtually connected network of more than 50 primary and specialty care providers participates in ongoing education and professional development in LGBTQ+ health topics and provides care to UCLA Health patients across the greater Los Angeles region.

Logo Usage

The latest version of the LGBTQ+ Champion logo has a diversity rainbow design with diagonal stripes. This differs from the traditional UCLA Health logo in that it uses more than three colors (blue, white and black). The rainbow design is approved for this specific instance and for limited use only.

The LGBTQ+ Champion logo can only be used for digital uses for the UCLA Health LGBTQ+ Initiative with special permission. It is not available for download online. If interest in using the logo extends into another program outside of the LGBTQ+ Initiative, the specific scenario will need to be reviewed.

LGBTQ+ Champion watermarked image

LGBTQ+ Champion list request

Would you like to become an LGBTQ+ champion? More than 50 UCLA Health providers have earned the LGBTQ+ Champion distinction.

If you are qualified for a distinction with the LGBTQ+ Champion logo on your physician profile and/or email signature, you must first submit a request. Submit an application to the LGBTQ+ Initiative, and if approved, you will receive the badge on your online profile.

Learn more about the LGBTQ+ Champion qualifications and submit your request below.