Logo Color

Department logos typically appear in combinations of UCLA Blue and black, as shown here in the UCLA DGSOM logo. All black and all white department logos are also acceptable. Never use the department logo in gray or grayscale.

The boxed version of the UCLA DGSOM logo can be:

  1. UCLA Blue and black on white background
  2. All black on white background
  3. UCLA Blue and white on black or dark background
  4. All white on black or dark background

Always use the logo artwork from the brand bundle provided by the DGSOM Dean’s Office, or UCLA Health Marketing (at the bottom of this page.)

UCLA DGSOM logo colors

Minimum Clear Space

Never crowd department logos. They need “buffer” space to achieve visual impact. Use the width of the letter “U” to gauge the amount of clear space that’s needed.

It’s fine to align the left hand edge of the logo with your text or image. The empty space in the margin will function as the necessary clear space.

UCLA DGSOM min clear space

Minimum Size

Never use department logos below the minimum size, measured vertically. The logo should be at least 0.4” high, equivalent to 34 pixels high.

UCLA DGSOM  minimum size

Download UCLA DGSOM Logo

By downloading artwork, I agree to use the UCLA DGSOM Logo(s) only as specified in Policy 110 and this Brand Guidelines site.