Department Logos

It is our intention to consistently brand all UCLA Health departments and specialties with the UCLA Health logo only. All specialty/department websites and collateral must use the UCLA Health logo only. The specialty or department should be identified using appropriate approved typography.

There are certain instances where it is necessary to combine the UCLA Health logo with the name of your specialty or department. The use of the standard specialty/department logo system is required. Variations are not permitted.

The most common authorized uses of a specialty and/or department logo is for uniforms and product giveaways. For any other usage requests, please contact the UCLA Health marketing department.

Department of Medicine logo

The UCLA Health logo system defines the only approved specialty and/or department logos for use. The UCLA Health logo is always used. The department logo system allows for tighter integration of the UCLA Health logo and the specialty or department name.

The specialty and/or department name appears below or to the right of the UCLA Health logo as demonstrated here.

The minimum clear space, minimum size and logo color requirements are the same as those for the UCLA Health logo.

Specialties and Departments

In addition to using a special branded version of Helvetica, specialty and department logos require individual fine-tuning by hand, including significant adjustments to spacing. For that reason, this site does not show the specifications for department logos. Instead, UCLA Health Marketing will create the digital masters for academic and administrative units.

Please direct all requests through your specialty or department’s communications or marketing office so that a consistent package of logos is created at the same time.

Each brand bundle will include the following variations:

  • Blue, black, and white color versions
  • Three graphic formats: EPS, PMS and PNG
    • EPS for print (InDesign)
    • PMS for embroidery and product giveaways
    • PNG for online and Microsoft Office

Please contact UCLA Health Marketing for assistance with programs, initiatives and partnerships. For partnerships with third parties (any non-UCLA organization, company, etc.), please submit a request at