Co-branded Logos

There are agreements that UCLA Health enters which require a co-branded logo solution, such as the Los Angeles Lakers partnership.

Third parties cannot use the UCLA Health trademark without first obtaining written permission from the trademark owner and must otherwise comply with our brand protection policies: 110, 411 and 863. For partnerships with third parties (any non-UCLA organization, company, etc.), please submit a request at

If you are a UCLA Health employee, please submit a request to the UCLA Health marketing department for assistance with programs, initiatives and partnerships.

The minimum clear space, minimum size and logo color requirements are the same as those for the UCLA Health logo.

Co-brand Lakers Logo

Co-branded logos may only appear in two color options relative to the UCLA Health logo:

  • White letters reversed out of UCLA Blue box; Health in black for use on a on a white background
  • The entire UCLA Health logo in White for use on dark backgrounds

Always use the official logo artwork to assure logo colors are correct. The colors were meticulously assigned to create continuity and consistency.

Co-brand Lakers logo black background