Care Compliments

Elizabeth M.

Just wanted to thank SW Liz for all of her help during my time as a patient at UCLA. Liz was so sweet and fast with everything asked of her. She was always available, in person, via phone and email. Thank you so much Liz, your work is truly appreciated and made such a difficult time a little easier and less stressful.

By: Maria P.

Robert C.

Dr Robert Chin was my physician throughout my 6 weeks of radiation, after 3 years of being told there was nothing to do be done for me he was willing to try radiation. 6 months later and I have been feeling amazing and the post care MRI's show that treatment has worked.
Dr Chin was so caring and such a great physician with great bedside manners! He always made me feel comfortable and helped me see that light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't be more thankful.

By: Maria P.

Niko F.

I'm a very complicated patient because I've had a kidney transplant and a heart valve replaced. However Nico which is at Dr. Soo hoo who is assistant made sure I was taking care of came by every day to see me, his attention to me was fantastic and he should be commended for that.

By: Karen F.

Angela K.

Dr. Kleiber is wonderful she's extremely nice and patient and answers all my questions every time I have one. She took great care of me on my stay.

By: Karen F.

Yuki A.

Yuki is one of the most sweetest nurses I've ever met. She goes above and beyond to make her patients feel comfortable and smile. I really appreciate UCLA for having nurses such as Yuki and I thank UCLA for hiring such a sweet attentive nurses.

By: Karen F.

Vanessa J.

Vanessa is naturally a care giver. She resonates care. I just wanted her to be recognized for her dedication and care that she shows toward her patients.

By: Karen F.

Samantha R.

Among other nurses and care providers, Samantha showed extraordinary patience, calm and empathy while caring for me in the hospital. I really appreciated her reassuring manner and professionalism. She was detailed, thorough and took her time reviewing wound and other instructions with me. UCLA is fortunate to have her on the staff.

By: Rhonda L.

Jessica P.

Jessica is just as beautiful from the inside as she is on the outside. She's so good that John is shadowing her. I believe everyone should've shadowed Jessica. That way you have the best nurses. Plus she always smiles when she comes in the room and has the cutest softest laugh ever,

By: Karen F.

Charles N.

Charles one of the night security officers I've witnessed at least twice during my stay I've witnessed him go above & beyond with families. He keeps that handsome smile no matter what the situation.

By: Karen F.

Pattie S.

Pattie was delightful with my care at UCLA SM. She has a huge smile and a great laugh. Plus she didn't go long periods of checking on me. I really appreciated her medical knowledge; which topped it off perfectly.

By: Karen F.

Anita U.

Anita is the most vibrant person. Beautiful inside and out So attentive to my needs and informative. She walked in with her million dollar smile and it was infectious of course. She should be recognized for her hard work & dedication to her job. Plus I admire her for continuing her education to become a great nurse.

By: Karen F.

Roberto G.

Roberto was my care partner. Sincerely sweet, attentive to all my needs. And was super nice to my guests visiting me. He followed me very closely to make sure I wouldn't fall. Plus he has a great smile. You can tell he really enjoys his job.

By: Karen F.

Nikolas F.

Niko has come by first thing every morning to tell me what's going on with me. I was lucky enough to have him & Soo hoo watching over me. I really am so grateful to the orthopedic department

By: Karen F.

Malou L.

Malou was like a guardian angel. I thought I must be her only patient (which I wasn't ) it felt like that cuz she's naturally a sweet attentive person.

By: Karen F.

Nelso S.

This Dr. is incredible. No wonder everyone speaks so highly of him. I am blown away by the job he did on me. I highly recommend Dr. Soo hoo

By: Karen F.

Kristen H.

I wanted to sincerely thank Kristen for the tremendous care she provided for my brother John Germroth while he was in ICU. All of the staff took great care of my brother during his stay but Kristen's care was above and beyond. She took tremendous care of my brother but also of my entire family while we were visiting him. She truly represents the best of the best. John passed away in February, but I know he recognized as we all did how special Kristen is. Kristen, Thank You!

By: Tom G.

Norman S.

I am 75 years old and have seen a lot of doctors in that span. Good ones. Norman Solomon is outstanding among them. Not only does he run a wonderful clinic but his one-on-one time with patients is compassionate, efficient and productive.

I am going through a very difficult set of medical issues at the moment and knowing that Dr. Solomon, as my Primary, is at my side makes a huge difference in my recovery.

Dr. Solomon has kept me healthy for a number of years now, and while we often hear of the power of positive thinking we rarely credit the Power of Positive Presence and throughout my current medical crisis, Dr. Solomon has been that and more.

By: Morrie R.

Forster C.

Dr Chenn has the nicest bedside manner. He's soft spoken, listened thoroughly to me and all my concerns, and tremendously polite.

By: Karen F.

Betty B.

Nurse Blanco was amazing! She was very patient with me. The care I got was outstanding

By: Paula G.

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