2024 Division of Bioinformatics & Perioperative Analytics Annual Retreat

Large group DAPM team photo at Bioinformatics Annual Retreat

2024 Bioinformatics & Perioerpative Analytics Annual Retreat

Written by Theodora Wingert, MD and Jennah Varela

The UCLA Division of Bioinformatics and Perioperative Analytics Annual Retreat began with a welcome session over breakfast at the Luskin Conference Center, followed by a discussion of goals for 2024-25 and a review of goals from the past year. The team agreed that the key to this year’s upcoming success will be growing the research program through expanding collaborations and increasing engagement. Growing the communication footprint and expanding the reach will also be important, as will enhancing educational efforts (with creation of a resident informatics track) and increasing trainee involvement across the medical school and computer science department.
Dr. Cannesson speaks to DAPM Bioinformatics Retreat
Minnelly Robles, PhD, from CORE – Organizational Development then led a session on “Cultivating Purpose-Driven Success,” during which she and the team collectively and individually identified their strengths. This workshop provided actionable items to enhance the division's strength and visibility. Highlights included a meditation session with Quenesha Caballero, a presentation on departmental goals by Dr. Maxime Cannesson, a discussion on Quality Initiatives and collaboration by Dr. Natalie Moreland, and insights into the budget and future vision by Johnny Quach. The event was both refreshing and rewarding, with each team member receiving individual recognition from their peers.
The following week, the team took on the UCLA Recreation Center Challenge course for time to focus on teamwork, communication strategies, and creative problem solving. This time allowed the group to break the ice and intentionally reflect on what kind of team they are and what kind of team they want to be.
Dr. Wingert reflected,“The UCLA Challenge course is a phenomenal resource that the UCLA campus offers. I was so excited that we got to take advantage of this. Being outside and out of your usual comfort zone really pushes you to think about your values and relationships as a team.”
DAPM team members at Bioinformatics retreat at rope courses
Overall, it was a highly successful annual retreat! Facilitators Sean and Kim commended the team's analytical skills and effective communication.
The Informatics Division has established goals both individually and as a team. We are excited to witness the accomplishments and progress that will unfold over the next year.