Education in Perioperative Bioinformatics


The Division offers a one year non-ACGME accredited fellowship in perioperative informatics, under the direction of Theodora Wingert, MD. The fellowship can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of the fellow but is designed to give the fellow experience across a broad array of perioperative informatics including: 

UCLA Bioinformatics & Perioperative Analytics Retreat 2024
  • Database structure and design
  • SQL programming and big data analytics
  • Data visualization and presentation
  • Data security and compliance
  • Study design and analysis of large datasets
  • Integration of data into care improvement efforts
  • Clinical Decision Support

While there are no specific technical pre-requisites, it is expected that fellowship applicants have at least basic familiarity with relational databases and computer programming, including a working knowledge of SQL and ideally at least one other software language. A fellow can expect to be the primary investigator in at least one research study or quality improvement project utilizing informatics techniques during the course of training, and by the end of the fellowship, the successful fellow can expect to have the necessary skills to be proficient as an independently functioning informaticist.

For further information about the fellowship program in perioperative informatics, please contact [email protected]

Residency Education

Our division is strongly committed to resident education in bioinformatics. Several members of the division are past residents at UCLA, began their training during their residency, and have been actively engaged in research since that time. In addition, faculty members in the division have mentored residents through a variety of small and larger research projects involving data analytics, retrospective data analysis, and prospective studies. Research programs in the division are also suitable for integration into the resident research track for the sufficiently committed physician in training.

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