Student Leadership Club and Bruin Vision Project

Student Leadership Club and Bruin Vision Project

The Student Leadership Club and Bruin Vision Project consists of undergrad students in UCLA. While one is a different club from the other, they both serve the same purpose, which is to promote awareness with eye or vision related problems. 

Student Leadership Club is an undergraduate-led division of UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic, providing dedicated and passionate individuals the opportunities to lead specialized committees, address issues, develop projects, and expand UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic's mission of providing free vision care to underserved communities around Los Angeles.

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Bruin Vision Project (BVP) is an undergraduate organization at UCLA committed to providing vision screenings to individuals without proper eye care. Bruin Vision Project is for anyone interested in becoming involved with vision care in the community. Meet people with similar interests and goals, volunteer locally, and learn about vision care in the modern world.  About Us - BRUIN VISION PROJECT

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Student Leadership Club (SLC) Board Members

Tricia Jain, SLC President

Tricia Jain
  • Tricia is a 4th year Computational and Systems Biology student at UCLA. Witnessing the effect of degenerative eye disease and blindness within her own family, her appreciation for the gift of vision was cultivated at an early age. As such, UMEC’s mission to create a world where everyone has access to quality eye care services resonated with her deeply. As an undergraduate student, volunteering with UMEC to provide vision care in the community truly solidified Tricia’s interest in medicine. Eventually, Tricia was inspired to join SLC to enhance the reach of UMEC’s services and ideate new ways to improve the volunteer experience. Outside UMEC, Tricia conducts computational and epidemiological ophthalmology research and is a Pediatric Medical Assistant. In her free time, she enjoys miniature clay sculpting, cooking new dishes, and going on long walks! 

Adam Ali, SLC Vice President

Adam Ali
  • Adam is a 4th year Anthropology major at UCLA. He joined the Student Leadership Club after being inspired to engage with UMEC deeper after the positive impact he recognized health fairs can have. Adam hopes to attend medical school in the upcoming year for anesthesiology. When not working with UMEC, Adam enjoys hiking in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles.

Edward Nash, SLC Co-Finance Director

Eddie Nash
  • Eddie is a third year undergraduate at UCLA majoring in Human Biology and Society. His interest in UMEC's Student Leadership Club was sparked after seeing the organization’s tangible impacts in making healthcare more accessible. Outside of UMEC, Eddie is involved in drug discovery research for neurodegenerative diseases and UCLA’s student government. Following graduation, he plans to pursue a career in medicine. 

Aniket Das, SLC Co-Finance Director

  • Aniket is a 3rd year Computational and Systems Biology student at UCLA. As an aspiring physician hoping to attend medical school, Aniket joined UMEC to further develop his understanding of the healthcare industry. Aniket has long been involved with community service volunteering, and UMEC’s mission of supporting medically underserved communities resonates very strongly with him. Outside of UMEC, Aniket is minoring in Neuroscience and is involved with research in Radiation Oncology at UCSF. He also loves to try to cook, play the piano, and wrestle with his two dogs.

Sisi Wang, SLC Publicity Director

  • Sisi is a 3rd year Physiological Science major at UCLA who joined UMEC with a strong commitment to making a positive impact on others' vision health. Inspired by difficulties and triumphs with vision in her youth and the challenges her family has faced, she understands the profound impact sight can have on an individual's agency, relationships, and overall quality of life. She believes everyone deserves to experience the beautiful world we live in. Beyond UMEC, she is involved in other eye-health-related organizations like Bruin Vision Project and Vision IN-School, where she engages in teaching and advocacy. Sisi is also passionate about the role of art in community outreach, which she utilizes to enhance public awareness of eye health and UMEC's mission.

Jessica Hedayi, SLC Outreach Liaison

  • Jessica, a second-year undergraduate at UCLA, is pursuing a major in Physiological Sciences with a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Her passion for healthcare was profoundly influenced by the transformative impact of free, preventative eye screenings within her own family and community. These experiences ignited a passion for vision care and clinical outreach, solidifying her commitment to serving others. Volunteering with UMEC has been an invaluable privilege, furthering Jessica's interest in the pre-medical path and inspiring her to pursue a career in Ophthalmology. Outside of UMEC, Jessica finds joy in expanding her proficiency in Arabic, hiking and mountain biking, and cooking new dishes.

Adam Jameel, SLC Project Coordinator

Adam Jameel
  • Adam is a 2nd year Biology major at UCLA. He was motivated to join UMEC because of his interest in ophthalmology. This interest was sparked by his experiences volunteering at health fairs and experience at the VA Hospital. Beyond graduation, he plans to go to medical school. Outside of UMEC, Adam is a part of three research groups at UCLA, Loma Linda University, and the VA Hospital. Additionally, he loves to play basketball and spend time with family.