1. How do I sign up for a free adult eye examination and glasses?
    Please refer to our clinic calendar to find locations and timings that work best for you. 
  2. Does the UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic conduct screenings or examinations at Stein Eye Institute?
    The UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic does NOT conduct screenings or examinations at Stein Eye Institute.
  3. Do I need to have insurance to be screened?
    Insurance is not required. The UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic does not check for any kind of identification or documentation.
  4. Does UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic take individual appointments?
    No, we do not take individual appointments. We work with program partners such as schools and homeless shelters. Talk to your case manager, local community center, your child’s school, etc. and have them contact us to schedule a clinic at their location. Details of community locations that are currently taking appointments for low income individuals seeking eye exam with us can be found here.
  5. What services are provided by UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic?
    A client can receive a full comprehensive eye exam and will be provided a pair of glasses if needed (Bifocals included) which will be delivered to the Pacific Clinics site the client had the vision services in 3-4 weeks. The UCLA Liaison will be responsible in distributing the glasses to the clients or the client’s treatment team. If the client already has an eye prescription, they can schedule an appointment to only receive glasses. There is no prescription limitation, but UCLA mobile Eye Clinic is unable to order progressive or transitions (unless there is a medical reason for it.).
    Please Note: A client may receive a referral to an external eye care provider such as a specialist for additional vision services. Also, if a client has a medical condition that affects their vision for example Diabetes, UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic Dr. will provide the client with a referral based on the outcome of their eye exam for the client to follow up with their primary care doctor.
  6. If I break/lose my glasses will UCLA mobile Eye clinic provide a replacement?
    Yes, UCLA will provide one replacement pair within a year of the client receiving their eyeglasses. The client or UCLA liaison can call the office at (310) 825-2195 or they can email UCLA at [email protected] to request a new pair. The glasses can be mailed directly to the client’s home or to a designated site.