Exchange Visitors Funding and Sources of Funds

Before a DS-2019 is issued, UCLA must be satisfied that prospective exchange visitors have sufficient funds to carry out their primary activities at UCLA. The table below shows the current minimum amounts required to qualify for J-1 status at UCLA.

New rates effective August 2, 2016:

Monthly Total (Annual)
2,247.33 /month 26,968.00/year
Spouse 500.00/month 6,000.00/year
Each Child 222.25/month 2,667.00/year

Updated: 8/2/16

The source of the funds must be indicated on the IAP-66 application form.

Name of Source If the Exchange Visitor will
International Organization Receive direct funds from organizations such as the UN, UNICEF, etc.
Home Government Be funded by an agency of the EV's government.
Other Organizations Be paid by a private organization, university or foundation in the US or abroad
Personal Funds Use personal or family funds, sabbatical salaries, etc.