UCLA Family Health Center:

Full time MD faculty oversee the UCLA Addiction Medicine clinic, which is integrated within our teaching Family Health Center in Santa Monica. The fellows precept with Addiction Med, Behavioral Med, Pain Management, Addiction Psychiatry, our ReClaim Program and a MAT program, as well as other methods to taper and reduce the use of opioids. Further, we have a program for alcoholics, for marijuana users as well as those involved with elicit drug usage.

Finally, the fellow is expected to maintain a weekly patient care practice at the FHC to provide long term continuity of care over the year.

UCLA Pain Management Center:

The UCLA Department of Anesthesiology operates an Ambulatory Pain Management Clinic and same day surgery consultation suite within Ambulatory Surgery Center. The fellow will work side by side with the UCLA Anesthesia Pain fellow during procedures and outpatient consultations.

Center for Behavioral & Addiction Medicine – Vine Street:

The CBAM’s Vine Street Clinic in Hollywood is part of the Department of Family Medicine. It is an NIH/NIDA funded research clinic that has served as an elective site for Addiction Medicine fellows, Family Medicine residents and graduate student fellows interested in both the prevention and treatment of addiction with an emphasis on the LGBTQ+ community and caring for patients diagnosed with HIV/HEP C. NIH-funded research clinic that has served as a site for family. Clinical trials are also linked to this site.More information is available at http://uclacbam.org/ucla-vine-street-clinic/

Prototypes Center:

Prototypes Center is a not for profit community based organization Their wide range of integrated Intensive outpatient and residential treatment programs are designed to help women within their recovery from drug and /or alcohol and addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. Further, they provide care for chronic medical conditions and support for community re-entry after incarceration, by teaching vital skills to gain permanent housing and employment. They provide a caring and nurturing environment that prepares clients to live healthy, self-sustaining lives. They can accommodate up to 160 women. Their programs include outpatient Mental Health, an STD program and aftercare treatment with the baby linked to a Sober Living Program.

Tarzana Treatment Center – Tarzana:

Outpatient chemical dependency, residential rehabilitation, youths and teens, family education, women and children. Long and short-term tracks are available to individuals, based on medical necessity.

Camden Center:

Dr. Jason Schiffman directs the ambulatory and intensive outpatient program, partial hospitalization program, dual diagnosis program, CBT, Psych Dynamic, Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Transitional living. 40 clinicians of various specialties provide services and enrich the program for the fellow.

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System:

The West LA VA Medical Center, the largest hospital in the VA system, is located less than a mile from UCLA. In addition to the large general hospital, it has a 300 Bed Detox unit/Domiciliary on the campus. The Addiction service is combined with Pain Management.

Department of Health Correctional Services (LA County):

LA County Department of Health Correctional Health unit is located within the men’s jail, which is the largest prison system for males in the US. This institution is a major teaching affiliate for UCLA residents, fellows and students. Its services include intensive treatment, detox, a hospital unit, MAT as needed and a Journal club.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:

Substance Abuse Prevention and Control. Valuable exposure to policy at the county level. Advises and makes recommendations on alcohol and drug issues with the goal of reducing problems and the negative impact of substance use disorders on the quality of life for individuals and their families residing in Los Angeles County. This unique rotation provides a population approach to substance abuse, which focuses on the 10.1 million residents of LA County. It also provides education about the availability of federal and state funds to address these issues.