Course Chairs:

Emily M. Miller, MD
[email protected]

Olivia Ishibashi MD, MPH
[email protected]

Course Coordinator:

Barbara Zolkin
(310) 825-1048
[email protected]

Course Description

The goal of this clerkship is for the students to learn family-centered primary health care that is humanistic, comprehensive, cost-effective, continuous, and sensitive to psychosocial, ethical, and financial issues. Because family physicians take care of families, the clerkship will include family dynamics, the family's influence on health, and the impact of illness on the family. Our clerkship provides an opportunity for students to learn about the diagnosis and management of patients with common problems. Students will be expected to learn a comprehensive approach to the patient with these problems that entails consideration of etiology, incidence, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, course, prognosis, treatment, and appropriate aspects of patient education, disease prevention, and health promotion. Students should develop sensitivity to social, familial, ethical, legal, cultural, and economic issues encountered in an ambulatory setting.

Clerkship sites and directors

  • CDU Affiliate Sites (Jimmy Hara, M.D. and Lary Robinson, M.D.)
  • Harbor/UCLA Medical Center (Gilberto Granados, M.D.)
  • Kaiser Fontana (Cynthia Freel, M.D.)
  • Kaiser Sunset (Karen Martinez, M.D.)
  • Kaiser Woodland Hills (Kathleen Dor, M.D.)
  • Kern Medical Center (Steven Saito, M.D.)
  • Long Beach Memorial Hospital (Odrin Castillo, M.D.)
  • Malibu - UCLA Health (Ashley Bateman, M.D.)
  • Marina Del Rey - UCLA Health (Max Goldstein, M.D.)
  • Mid Valley Family Health Center (Anita Wong, M.D.)
  • Mid Valley Urgent Care Center (Evan Martin, M.D. and Laura Doan, M.D.)
  • MLK Community Hospital (Patrick Meehan, M.D.)
  • Northridge Family Practice Center (Tara Sarabakhsh, M.D.)
  • Palos Verdes – UCLA Health (Michelle Sangalang, M.D.)
  • Pomona Valley Medical Center (Allan Cabral, M.D.)
  • Porter Ranch/Simi Valley – UCLA Health (Alina Katsman, M.D. and Nancy Tsoi, M.D.)
  • Toluca Lake - UCLA Health (Janice Ribaudo, M.D.)
  • Venice Family Clinic (Blanca Andres, M.D.)
  • UCLA Family Health Center - Santa Monica (Phillip Brown, M.D.)
  • Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks – UCLA Health (David Gunn, M.D.)

For more information, please contact the course coordinator.