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January 2024

Message from Leadership:

“Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” - John R Wooden

Welcome to an exciting new year for the Department of Medicine. The DOM EDI Office hopes everyone had a wonderful winter break. Our department is a tapestry of diverse backgrounds and traditions, and during this holiday season for those who observe any of the season’s traditions, many celebrated the values that bind us.

September 2023

Message from Leadership:

At DOM EDI, our mission is to become the home for inclusive excellence by advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion for students, residents, fellows, staff, and faculty in the setting of outstanding scholarship/innovation, a community where all feel they belong, and the highest level of compassionate, high-quality care for our patients. It is important to note that our office is equity, diversity, and inclusion. As such we are committed to supporting activities and bringing forward voices that lift all three. Note that while we often hear about diversity it is actually inclusion where the action happens or needs to happen. In an inclusive environment, diversity and equity are more likely to arise and thrive.

May 2022

Message from Leadership:

This spring has brought mixed emotions. As the COVID-19 pandemic surge has dissipated it is also a somber reminder of the over one million lives lost, a disproportionate number from older persons, lower socioeconomic, racial and ethnic minorities and high-risk medical populations. As we take a moment of silence to reflect on the many people, friends and family, and more who have been adversely impacted—we once again thank the many members of DOM who answered the call to risk their lives and work unimaginable hours to care for those in need and to help advance the fundamental research and implementation of prevention and treatment strategies that helped to limit the impact of the pandemic. 

January 2022

Message from Leadership:

Welcome to an exciting new year for the Department of Medicine. The EDI office wants to extend another warm welcome to our new Chairman, Dr. Dale Abel. We also want to extend another big thank you to Dr. Alan Fogelman for his years of service as Chairman of DOM and so much more such as his commitment and unwavering confidence in all of us to join together with him as he charted a path down a road less traveled and took DOM to reach new heights. He will continue as an active faculty member and to no surprise an ongoing NIH-funded investigator in the DOM. Now that Dr. Fogelman has passed the baton to Dr. Abel, we look forward to all of us once again joining together to ensure DOM continues to build upon past successes and embrace new opportunities in an ever-changing world.  

June 2021

Message from Leadership:

On Saturday, June 5, the Department of Medicine Residency Program held its graduation event for the 2021 graduating residents. It was held in part with an initial virtual component, but was followed by an in-person outside reception at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center. This was the first outside event held at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center since the pandemic began. It was a great opportunity for an amazing group of trainees who worked through one of the most challenging years in the history of US medicine to be able to come together in person and connect in a way they’ve been unable to do all year.

January 2021

Message from Leadership:

As we enter a new year, many have mixed feelings of hope and despair. Dr. Richard L. Kravitz just spoke at our Grand Rounds on Finding Common Ground: How the Science of Clinical Negotiation Can Improve the Care Experience for Everyone. He emphasized the role or empathy and compassion and connecting to patients. These are critical strategies for reducing implicit bias and for giving patients trust and hope. There is also the news of two new COVID-19 vaccines being approved and this too has provided many with hope.

October 2020

Message from Leadership:

September and October have been busy months. The COVID-19 pandemic has waxed and waned and this week the US is once again averaging over 1,000 deaths a day. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the stark and ongoing structural inequities in the US, and has amplified racial/ethnic tensions leading to national protests for justice, all in the midst of a presidential election year. 

August 2020

Message from Leadership:

Hope you are all staying safe and well during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and enjoying the last bits of summer.  With the new academic year upon us, we are gearing for the realities of virtual teaching and remote learning. As we are adjusting to another new normal and finding a new way forward, we are once again halted in our tracks by yet another tragic episode of police brutality. 

July 2020

Message from Leadership:

Broken hearts, anguish, rage, anger, despair, exhaustion, powerlessness, hopelessness, and confusion are among the emotions being expressed in our Bruin academic and medical community as well as across our nation. From the coopting of COVID-19 to perpetrate hate against Asian Americans to the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on women and communities of color, and now the recent vivid instances of systemic injustice and violence against many of those same communities.