Faculty mentors

The Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Division of Digestive Diseases has committed mentoring efforts for junior faculty in three relevant areas: career development, clinical affairs and research programs. All mentoring programs are designed to interact at the senior faculty/directors level while providing customized resource for each junior faculty member.

Career development

The Division's Career Development Mentoring Program is a structured divisional effort for junior faculty (clinical Instructor through the end of assistant professor rank) to receive confidential, one-on-one personalized support from an experienced senior faculty member for methodical mentoring focused on career development (as distinct from clinical or research areas). The program is designed to foster advances in personal, professional and institutional growth. Specific advice and counsel will be provided by experienced academic clinicians and researchers on issues surrounding organizational processes, policies and procedures, work/life integration and career and discipline-specific development. This program was launched July 1, 2006 at the request of then co-chief, Dr. Gary Gitnick, and led by Dr. Peter Anton. Learn more

Clinical affairs

For junior faculty with clinical activity, mentoring is overseen by Dr. Eric Esrailian, with senior clinical faculty providing the one-on-one interactions. 

Research mentor programs

The Research Mentor Program, led by Dr. Daniel Hollander, is designed to help new faculty members in their research planning. The long-term goal will be to help junior faculty members to establish themselves as independently -funded investigators with recognized national and international expertise and accomplishments in a specific area or field. Learn more