Clinical Experiences

For a successful clinical experience, please...

  • Make every effort to arrive on time (allow time for parking, traffic, etc.).
  • Dress appropriately for a clinical setting, including white coat, closed-toe shoes, and identification badge.
  • Consider taking public transportation or a campus shuttle for travel to the clinical sites.
  • Note: we do not make parking arrangements or reimburse for parking for clinical sites.
  • Remember that many older patients are hearing and/or visually impaired: try to sit at their level and speak clearly and distinctly in a low voice (age-associated hearing impairment is usually high-frequency loss).
  • Remember to address the patient first, even if they are demented, prior to relying on a caregiver for the history.
  • Have fun and don’t be afraid to ask the patients for advice!

UCLA Sites

Download the Schedule and Instructions

UCSF Sites

UCSF will be organizing clinical experiences for students approximately 1/2 day per week. Experiences can include an outpatient geriatrics clinic, a nursing home, a memory disorders clinic, inpatient geriatrics wards, and other clinical settings.

UWashington Sites

Clinical experiences may include the following:

  • Harborview Medical Center: the primary teaching hospital at the UW School of Medicine offering opportunities at outpatient primary and consultative care clinics on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons as well as inpatient primary and consultative care daily.
  • Skilled nursing and assisted living facilities affiliated with UWashington.