Program Overview

Older woman using a tablet device

An innovative and unique intergenerational program at UCLA gives seniors an opportunity to mentor bright, enthusiastic college students while giving their caregivers a much needed break. TimeOut@UCLA is a student-run respite program offered free-of-charge to older adults who need companionship and enjoy socialization and meaningful conversations.

Currently Offering Virtual TimeOut

The virtual (online) TimeOut program consists of 60-minute weekly video calls during which students and seniors have one-on-one conversations and engage in mentally stimulating activities.

Sessions: Weekdays between 1pm - 4pm

Connect Via: Zoom Meetings. Access to a mobile or desktop device with internet connection is required

Interested in Participating? Please contact the program coordinator at [email protected].

Aims of the Program

1. Foster Intergenerational connections between college students and memory-impaired seniors

2. Provide needed respite to family/caregivers of older adults

3. Inspire college students to consider careers in aging

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