Our mission is achieved through dedicated curriculum and training to become skilled in caring for diverse patient populations across our multiple clinical environments and systems.

Residents - What We Do
East-West faculty demonstrates trigger point injections - Didactics include hands on learning for outpatient procedures
Residents - What We Do
Sports Medicine faculty demonstrates splinting - Curriculum includes fundamental urgent care and MSK skills practice
Residents - What We Do
PGY1s at an LA County Community Outreach activity - A program that focuses on Community Medicine. Residents join community health workers, homeless programs, and community agencies to do home and site visits.
Mumbi at SGIM
Mumbi at SGIM - Our residents regularly present at national and regional conferences
Spring retreat 2019
Spring retreat 2019 - Our residents and faculty build community and reflect on programming and mentorship opportunities at our annual Primary Care Retreat
Spring Graduation
Spring Graduation - Graduation is a special time of the year when all residents are invited to celebrate the accomplishments of our PGY3s
Asaad and Nat at a health policy conference in DC
Asaad and Nat at a health policy conference in DC - Curriculum encompassing themes such as community health, patient-centered and team-based interprofessional care, behavioral health, quality improvement, health care systems, health policy, and advocacy
Jeff at SGIM
Jeff at SGIM - Our residents actively participate in evidence-based chronic disease management and preventative care