Our Curriculum

The UCLA Primary Care Program takes pride in an innovative and dynamic curriculum designed to develop high-quality general internists who can adapt to the evolving role of the primary care physician. We subscribe to the “clinic-first” model, believing that caring for patients in a clinic is the most important and relevant curriculum to develop excellent primary care physicians. We provide our trainees with the broad clinical exposure to health systems and diverse patient populations required to excel in managing the myriad of conditions seen in practice. Our graduates are not only trained to provide excellent clinical care, but are also poised to become leaders and advocates in their organizations and communities.

One way in which our curriculum has grown is in providing more opportunities for residents to engage with justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion through didactics, clinics, and advocacy. Residents and faculty are involved in community partnerships and engagement, working at the asylum clinic, and  QI projects related to historically marginalized groups.

Our curriculum is flexible by providing opportunities for residents to pursue areas of interest as they develop. While some residents come with a clear sense of what they hope to pursue, others look to discover new or deeper areas in medicine and primary care throughout their training.

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