The 4+2 Model

Our program has an X+Y schedule of 4+2 throughout all three years of residency. Residents have 4 weeks of required (i.e. inpatient wards, ICU) or elective (i.e. consult) rotations followed by a recurring ambulatory block of 2 weeks. These ambulatory weeks are often referred to as "+2" with half days of primary care continuity clinics, subspecialty clinics, and outpatient didactics.  The primary care schedule is different from the categorical internal medicine program who rotate on a 4+1 model. 

Sample Schedules for PGY1 Year by Week

UCLA - Olive View/Santa Clarita PGY1


UCLA - VA/Santa Monica PGY1


During the primary care “+2” weeks, residents will spend about 6 half days in each of their 2 continuity clinics. Residents also have half days in subspecialty clinics, didactics, community sessions, and for panel management. Panel management is a weekly half-day block during +2 to catch up on inbox items and to hone clinic work-flow.

+2 Sample Schedules for PGY1


The Dual Clinic Model

The UCLA Primary Care Program includes two tracks with separate NRMP codes. You can apply to both of these tracks or just one of them. In many ways, they are more similar than they are different. The residents across both tracks get to know each other well and overlap in PCM (Primary Care Medicine Blocks), in outpatient didactics during +2, and during inpatient rotations in the hospital. 

The key difference between the tracks is where residents have their two continuity clinic sites.  Both tracks evenly split their time between a UCLA clinic (either Santa Monica or Santa Clarita) and an underserved clinic - either at Los Angeles County’s safety-net public health system (Olive-View Medical Center) or at the federally-funded veterans homeless clinic (HPACT).

One of the strengths of the UCLA Primary Care program is the opportunity to establish longitudinal patient panels in two different medical systems serving two different patient populations. This gives residents the opportunity to think broadly about what a career in primary care can look like and about what different health care systems are able to offer patients.

VA/SM Track

West Los Angeles VA Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team (VA-HPACT) + UCLA Santa Monica (SM) - NRMP # 1956140M0

Clinic buddies Cameron Hines (left) and Jessica Osorio (right)

The West LA VA HPACT clinic is a patient-centered medical home dedicated to serving Veterans who are unhoused. Residents at this site work within a single payer healthcare model, with specific exposure to a larger proportion of patients who are undomiciled and may have mental health or substance use disorders. Providers and trainees work and learn on interprofessional teams with nurse practitioners, pharmacists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and case managers in a housing-first model of care. At the same time, residents are exposed to the intricacies of care for Veterans. Our veterans coming to West Los Angeles VA may travel from throughout Los Angeles county or even beyond, as there are affiliated sites downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, and the San Fernando Valley.

The UCLA Health Clinic is located in Santa Monica. The Santa Monica continuity clinic is a UCLA-based community clinic that serves an insured patient population with a broad range of health literacy and medical conditions including HIV and organ transplants.

OV/SC Track

Olive View-UCLA Medical Center (OV) + UCLA Santa Clarita (SC) - NRMP # 1956140M1

Clinic buddies Dan Stokes (left) and Diana Lopez (right) hiking in the hills behind Olive View UCLA Medical Center.

The Olive View-UCLA Medical Center clinic is a patient-centered medical home in a safety-net, public hospital in Sylmar. It serves a predominantly Spanish-speaking and immigrant patient population which can extend geographically far into SPA 1 (Antelope Valley) and SPA 2 (San Fernando Valley) of the Service Planning areas of Los Angeles. Patients may regularly travel to and from different countries and seek medical care at Olive View. Residents and providers develop a more in-depth understanding of the LA County Department of Health Services which encompassess a wide range of support programs also encompassing the Department of Public Health and Department of Mental Health.

The UCLA Health Clinic is located in Santa Clarita. The Santa Clarita continuity clinic is a UCLA-based primary care community clinic based in a multi-specialty practice with built-in mental health integration that serves a medically complex, insured patient population. Residents participate in a co-precepting model with a medicine attending and a dedicated psychologist attending, Dr. Stephanie Young which promotes interprofessional collaboration. Residents have a specialized noon conference series on mental health.