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The UCLA Health Systems and Management Pathway is a two-year longitudinal experience designed to improve training opportunities for residents interested in careers in healthcare management, health policy, and delivery innovation. The pathway will provide a select group of UCLA Internal Medicine residents with monthly lecture series taught by academic and industry experts, LEAN methodology QI training, structured mentorship opportunities with hospital leaders, field immersion experiences, and protected time for hands-on fieldwork. Residents will lead interdisciplinary teams to engage in longitudinal projects addressing innovative care delivery models. Through a multimodal approach, the pathway strives to prepare residents for successful careers in healthcare management.


The HSM pathway emerged from collaborations between residents and faculty and was piloted in 2015, with an official launch in June of 2016. The pathway’s objectives include providing resident physicians with interests in healthcare management and multifaceted training to develop fluency in healthcare management sciences, strengthen leadership skills, and have an opportunity to apply data-drive methodologies to drive innovation in our health care delivery system. 

Curriculum Overview

  • Monthly lecture series: Residents will participate in evening and lunchtime lecture series in topics such as health insurance, management, operations, and innovation. Series topics can be accessed through viewing the course syllabus.
  • Mentorship and career development: Residents will be paired with a mentor, which may be the same mentor through the career mentoring program, to provide one-on-one career guidance and development to help residents successfully prepare for a dual career in clinical medicine and healthcare management, policy, or innovation.
  • Longitudinal innovation project: Innovation projects will be conducted over two years during dedicated HSM elective blocks. Residents will identify a project mentor and submit an elective proposal with an overview of the project at least 1 month prior to the elective to the course directors and program coordinators. Projects will be presented at the annual HSM graduation dinner to hospital leadership, and should also be presented at one of the following conferences: Solomon Scholars, resident noon conference, or any regional or national conference.
  • LEAN Gold Certification: HSM residents will participate in a three-part quality improvement training series with Bob Martin, an educational leader on the Performance Excellence team to learn about LEAN methodologies. At the end of the training series, residents will apply LEAN methodology to their own innovation projects, which will be presented at one the LEAN report-out sessions. By the end of the training series and after presentation at a report-out session, residents will earn LEAN Gold certification.
  • Field experiences: Residents will partake in field experiences to gain exposure to various healthcare settings. These field experiences will include visits to Capitol Hill, insurance companies, healthcare startups, and other healthcare systems.
  • Teaching: Senior pathway members will participate in co-leading one of the case discussions in health policy and management.
    HSMP Group in Washington DC
  • HSM Regional Field Experiences (optional)
    • RAND Corporation Los Angeles Visit: RAND Corporation is one of the most trusted and leading health policy think-tanks.
    • Health Insurance: Visit with UCLA Med Group Medical Director and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Director.
    • Health Systems: Visit CareMore, Kaiser, or LA County to gain exposure to differences across health systems.
  • HSM National Field Experiences (every other year) 
    • Washington D.C. Capitol Hill Trip
    • Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Trip

Faculty Leadership

Course Directors: Sun Mi Yoo, MD, MPH and Ben Waterman, MD, MBA

Program Coordinators: Douglas Ruiz Carbajal and Cynthia Velasquez-Virgen