Dennis Cope Visiting Professor

The Dennis W. Cope Visiting Professorship in the Doctor-Patient Relationship honors Dr. Cope, the programs that he developed and the teaching he provided, which strongly influenced many, and his modeling of medical practice, which was the example that a generation of general internists at UCLA attempted to emulate. Dr. Cope developed the Primary Care track in UCLA Internal Medicine. He contributed to the field of General Internal Medicine as a practitioner, teacher, mentor, and leader in medical education. He was particularly influential in the area of doctor-patient communication, developing educational programs to enhance effective communication with patients and families. Dr. Cope is recognized as a physician who could provide the internal medicine insight, continuity and coordination for the most complex patients by deep, warm interactions combined with expert medical knowledge. Celebrating the importance of these skills and capabilities is the goal of the Professorship. A detailed memoriam of the life and career of Dr. Cope is online here.


Roy Young

How Primary Care Can Improve Health - Historical Perspective and The Current Changing Model



Mack Lipkin

The Hidden Psychosocial Content of Residency

Parvin Visiting Professor

Parvin Visiting Professorship in General Internal Medicine. The Parvin Foundation supports an annual Visiting Professor in General Internal Medicine that brings to UCLA a national leader in General Internal Medicine who has advanced the cause and principles of GIM. The Visiting Professor delivers Medicine Grand Rounds and meets with the Internal Medicine residents, GIM fellows and faculty, and others in the institution involved in promulgating care and care structures that advance the principles of General Internal Medicine. The Visiting Professor joins Mrs. Phyllis Parvin and members of the Division of General Internal Medicine in a dinner to celebrate the advancement of the field.

Parvin Visiting Professors and their topics include the following:



Mitchell Feldman

Mentoring Matters: The Value of Mentoring in Academic Medicine



Tom Delbanco

Baring It All: Where are Medical Records Going (and Why)?



William Shrank

Promoting Patient Adherence to Therapy in the Setting of Payment reform



David Meltzer

Redesign of Care for Patients at High Risk of Hospitalization in a Reforming U.S. Health Care System



Nicole Lurie

How Social Media is Transforming Disaster Response... and Medical Care



David Bates

The Future of Healthcare IT



Rod Hayward

Surrogates Gone Wild! The promiscuous and unsafe use of biomarkers (featuring LDL, A1c &



William Branch

The Road to Professionalism: Reflective Learning and Reflective Practice



Steve Schroeder

What to do with a patient who smokes



Wendy Levinson

Disclosing harmful medical errors to patients: A challenge for physicians



Eric Larsen

Transforming Health Care: Turning chaos into quality through improved chronic disease care: Why Now and How?