2021 – September 2022

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Recent Presentations

Med-Peds Residents = Bold   |  Med-Peds Faculty = Underline

  • Stanley A, Ma J. The CBC with Differential – A Missed Opportunity: Why primary care physicians should always look at the differential. American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. October 2022.
  • Vanderdeen N. Transgender female with resolution of significant transaminitis following initiation of estradiol as part of gender-affirming care: a case study. American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Conference. October 2022. Long Beach, CA
  • Hosaka KRJ et al. Embodiment of HIV Stigma Through Arts-Based Qualitative Research with Perinatally HIV-Infected Youth in Tanzania. National Conference for Physician Scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities. May 2022. Los Angeles, CA.
  • Tsevat RK, Weitzman ER, Wisk LE. Psychosocial predictors of alcohol and substance use in college youth with type 1 diabetes. Oral Presentation at: Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting; April, 2022; Orlando, FL.
  • Huang H, Burdekin E, Gonzalez Rebollar A, Nott R, Tsevat RKArons A, Ma J, Duan S. Implementation of a universal structured health care transition initiative across a multi-site health system. Poster presented at: Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting; April, 2022; Denver, CO.

Ongoing Projects

  • Stanley A. Med-Peds specific EDI committee (“mEDI-pEDI”)
  • Kang E. Spectrum: LGBTQ IM group.
  • Brown KLejbman JRicketts WVanderdeen N. Improving Continuity of Care Among Med-Peds Resident Cohorts in Primary Care Clinic.
  • Brown KLejbman JRicketts WVanderdeen N. Implementing the Pediatric Passport to Improve Transitions of Care for Complex Pediatric Patients.
  • Erondu A. Informatics project to improve the way we display calorie intake in the EHR for patients in the NICU
  • Vanderdeen V, Saab F. Mindfulness-Based Interventions in pediatric patients to decrease the need for opiates and benzodiazepines for acute symptoms

Resident Research Projects

  • Rebecca K. Tsevat: Pubmed 
  • Amrachi I. Erondu: Pubmed 
  • Daniel Z. Hodson: Orcid
  • Kalei R.J. Hosaka: Orcid