Approach to Simple Acid Base Disorders | Ira Kurtz, MD, FRCP, FASN
January 31, 2022

Clinical acid-base diagnosis can present a challenge for medical students, residents and fellows. This talk provides an easy-to-follow bicarbonate-centric approach for diagnosing simple acid-base disorders that can be used for both clinical and exam purposes.- Ira B. Kurtz, MD.

Metabolic Alkalosis Deciphered | Ira Kurtz, MD, FRCP, FASN
January 25, 2022

Metabolic alkalosis is the most complex acid-base disorder pathophysiologically. This talk reviews historic and current landmark studies that have led to our understanding of the underlying ion transport phenomenology in various organs in the body involved in the generation, maintenance and correction of this fascinating acid-base disorder.- Ira B. Kurtz, MD.

Diagnosis of Difficult Acid-Base Disorders | Ira Kurtz, MD, FRCP, FASN
June 14, 2021

This video highlights a number of very unusual and fascinating acid-base cases. Each of the cases is analyzed in detail with a discussion of how to approach making the correct acid-base and clinical diagnoses - Ira B. Kurtz, MD.

Approach to Acid Base Diagnosis
November 30, 2020

This video is an in-depth overview of how to approach making the correct diagnosis of each of the cardinal acid-base disorders in patients - Ira B. Kurtz, MD.

Chronic Kidney Disease Q & A
Tuesday, February 12, 11:30 am PT

Join UCLA nephrologist Igor Kagan, MD, for a conversation about chronic kidney disease and answers to patients' most common questions. Topics include measuring kidney function and managing the disease.

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