Spring 2017

Collaborative Environment

UCLA Neurology is part of the larger, collaborative neuroscience environment of UCLA Clinical Neurosciences that fosters movement across departments and disciplines. The Departments of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neurosurgery have faculty with joint appointments, joint research projects, and publications that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience research. For example, autism investigations and new treatments in brain cancer or brain repair require faculty who move through various areas, such as genetics, clinical trials, and viral gene delivery. These faculty members bring to the table the resources and energy of each discipline and the support of all neuroscience-related departments.

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has identified six research priorities, including neuroscience, to facilitate synergistic interactions, common grants, and faculty recruitment and retention. The Neuroscience Theme is a multidisciplinary structure that integrates basic neuroscience investigations across departments, including neurobiology, physiology, and biological chemistry. Faculty in the Department of Neurology are part of the Neuroscience Theme and work closely with theme leaders in cooperative research studies that span basic to translational to clinical science.

Clinical studies in the Department of Neurology are further strengthened with database, statistical, and infrastructure support from the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute. These interactions within UCLA Neuroscience expand the depth and breadth of the Department of Neurology and add intellectual diversity and vitality to its research programs.