UCLA Headache and Pain Fellowship

The purpose of the UCLA Headache and Pain Fellowship is to gain advanced knowledge in the treatment of complicated headache and pain patients. These headache disorders include migraine, cluster, trigeminal autonomic cephalgias and medication overuse/rebound conditions. The fellow will be skilled in appropriate prophylactic and abortive medications for headache treatment. The fellow will also manage inpatient headache consults and IV dihydroergotamine infusions for status migranosis. In addition, the pain fellow will be taught to evaluate and manage acute and chronic pain conditions including neck and back pain, facial pain, pelvic pain, and limb pain. The fellow will be taught both medical management and interventional management of these pain conditions. The fellow will be instructed on proper opiate and pain medication management. In addition, the fellow will receive hands on training in interventional pain techniques using fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and EMG guidance. These include epidural blocks, radiofrequency ablations, trigger point injections, nerve blocks, facet blocks, and botulinum denervation.

The fellow will also have the opportunity to train in the UCLA Orofacial Pain Program through the UCLA School of Dentistry to receive advanced training in TMJ Disorders, trigeminal neuralgia, and intra-oral pain conditions. The duration of the fellowship is 1 or 2 years.


For fellowship inquires please email: [email protected]

Fellowship director: Chelsea Hesterman, MD

Fellowship duration: 1-2 years

Fellowship salary: Within departmental guidelines

Fellowship Application Period: Accepted 12-18 months prior to start date

Number of Positions Funded Per Year: 2 on average