Visionary Ball 2023

The Department of Neurosurgery is excited to announce that the Visionary Ball will be held on Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

Byron Allen will be presented with the Visionary Award

Johnese Spisso will receive the Medical Visionary Award

Erika Kort will be presented with the Courage Award

"The Visionary Ball raises critical funds and awareness in support of our patients who face the most complex neurological disorders of this era."

—Linda M. Liau, MD, PhD, MBA
Professor and Chair
Department of Neurosurgery

Event Chair

  • Gary Sommerstein, Esq.

Event Committee

  • Loic Bailly & Ted Gagliano
  • Edie B. Bronson
  • Melvin L. Cheatham, MD
  • Geoffrey P. Colby, MD, PhD
  • Susan Dolgen
  • Langston T. Holly, MD
  • Jill & Lee Kort
  • Molly Levin
  • Linda M. Liau, MD, PhD
  • Daniel C. Lu, MD, PhD
  • Tina B. Odjaghian, Esq.
  • Constance L. Padden
  • Florence & Harry Sloan
  • Anthony C. Wang, MD

UCLA Neurosurgery Board of Advisors

  • Gary Sommerstein, Esq. (Board Chair)
  • Loic Bailly
  • Jeffrey S. Berg
  • Kate L. Berg
  • Edie B. Bronson
  • Melvin L. Cheatham, MD
  • Lisa D’Andrea Schwartz
  • Jonathan L. Dolgen
  • Susan Dolgen
  • Evelyn A. Freed
  • William Friedkin
  • Ted Gagliano
  • Steve Garvey
  • Robert E. Harper
  • Jill Kort
  • Patricia Neuwirth
  • Peter H. Neuwirth
  • Tina B. Odjaghian, Esq.
  • Constance L. Padden
  • John B. “Jack” Simon
Visionary Ball