Neurosurgery Webcasts and Video Playlists


Mind over matter video preview

Mind over matter: Study shows we consciously exert control over individual neurons
UCLA-Caltech collaboration demonstrates how we focus our thoughts.


Remote Presence Robots in ICU

UCLA - Remote Presence Robots in ICU
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Becomes Worlds First Hospital to Introduce Remote Presence Robots.


 Endoscopic Removal of Pituitary Tumors Video Preview

UCLA Endoscopic Removal of Pituitary Tumors
Pituitary Tumor Surgery: This video will help you understand the endoscopic / endonasal approach for removal of pituitary tumors.


 Treatment for Cavernous Angioma Video Preview

Treatment for Cavernous Angioma
Donaven Hookano, 15 years of age, was experiencing head pain, vision loss in his left eye and convulsive seizures when Malia Solomon received the call from her son's school.


Sturge-Weber Syndrome Video Preview

Hemispherectomy for Sturge-Weber Syndrome
Aiden Waters is fortunate to be living in the 21st century when a surgical option exists for treating Sturge-Weber Syndrome.