UCLA Neurosurgery-LAUSD Neuroscience Education Series


UCLA Neurosurgery-LAUSD Neuroscience Education Series

The UCLA Neurosurgery department has partnered with the LAUSD – CTE (Career Technical Education Section) to deliver a series of lectures to high school students. The topics center on Neuroscience and career guidance and are given by a variety of professionals from UCLA. 

Some goals of this ongoing partnership include:

  • Promotion of science and higher education 
  • Promotion of gender and racial diversity in science and health care
  • Inspiring curiosity about neuroscience in students already enrolled in Science/Health tracks at schools from underserved areas of LA
  • Opening a direct channel of communication between high school students and UCLA faculty members and staff

On March 15, 2024, the UCLA Neurosurgery Department and LAUSD - CTE held an in-person event in the Tamkin Auditorium at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center. At the event, high school students from 4 schools across the LAUSD system visited the UCLA campus to listen to talks given by healthcare professionals at UCLA. These healthcare professionals represented a diverse selection of fields, from radiology to case management to nursing. The event aimed to demonstrate to the students that there are countless careers in the health field and to spark connection and interest. Afterward, the students went on a tour of the UCLA campus.

View images from the event in the gallery below.