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Papers (chronological):

1. Fessler DMT, Nettle D, Afshar Y, Pinherio IA, Bolyanatz A, Mulder MB, Cravalho M, Delgado T, Gruzd B, Correia MO, Khaltourina D, Korotayev A, Marrow J, de Souza LS, Zbarauskaite A. A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Role of Foot Size in Physical Attractiveness. Arch Sex Behav. 2005 Jun; 34(3): 267-276. PMID: 15971009.

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3. Yang Q., Zhang R, Afshar Y, Kokko A, Laiho P, Aaltonen LA, and Harris CC. POT1 variants in mismatch repair deficient cells: Implications for chromosome stability. Cancer Research. 2007 Dec; 67(24): 11677-11686. PMID: 18089797.

4. Hapangama DK, Turner MA, Drury J, Afshar Y, Mavrogianis P, Fazleabas A. Aberrant expression of regulators of cell-fate found in eutopic endometrium is found in matched ectopic endometrium among women and in a baboon model of endometriosis. Human Reproduction. 2010 Sep; 25(11): 2840-2850. PMID: 20858696.

5. Kessler C, Afshar Y, Sardar G, Yudkowsky R, Schwartz A. A prospective, randomized controlled study demonstrating a novel, effective model of communication among physicians using a standardized training module: The 5Cs of Consultation. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2012, August; 19(8): 968-974. PMID: 22905961.

6. Afshar Y, Jeong J, Roqueiro D, DeMayo F, Lydon J, Radtke F, Miele L, Fazleabas AT. Notch1 mediates uterine stromal cell differentiation and is critical for complete decidualization in the mouse. FASEB J. 2012 Jan; 26(1):282-94. PMID: 21990372.

7. Afshar Y, Miele L, Fazleabas AT. Notch1 is regulated by Chorionic Gonadotropin and Progesterone in Endometrial Stromal Cells and Modulates Decidualization in Primates. Endocrinology, 2012 Apr; 153: 2884–2896. PMID: 22535768.

8. Afshar Y, Hastings J, Roquerio D, Jeong J, Giudice LC, Fazleabas AT. Changes in eutopic endometrial gene expression during the development of experimental endometriosis in the baboon. Biology of Reproduction; 2013 Feb 21;88(2):44, PMID: 23284138.

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10. Afshar Y, Esakoff T. The Skin and Pregnancy: Physiological changes and dermatoses. Contemporary Ob/Gyn. 2014, May; (59)5: 33-45. 

11. Sharma K, Afshar Y, Bairey-Merz, CN, Tapson, V., Zakowski, M., Kilpatrick, S.J.Guidelines and Consensus: Statement on pregnancy in pulmonary hypertension from the Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute. Pulmonary Circulation. 2016, Mar; 6(1): 143, PMID: 27162623.

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18. Han, M, Afshar Y, Chon A, Scibetta E, Rao R, Chmait R. Pseudoamniotic Band Syndrome Post Fetal Thoracoamniotic Shunting for Bilateral Hydrothorax. Fetal and Pediatric Pathology. 2017. April 28:1-3, PMID: 28453379

19. Afshar Y, Mei J, Wong M, Gregory K, Kilpatrick S, Esakoff T. Birth plans-- Impact on mode of delivery, obstetrical interventions, and birth experience satisfaction: a prospective cohort study. Birth. 2018 March; 45(1):43-49. doi: 10.1111/birt.12320. PMID: 29094374.

20. Afshar Y, Tabsh K. Pregnancy and subsequent uterine rupture in a 72 year-old gravida: medical tourism versus reproductive freedom. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2018 Feb 1:1-3. doi: 10.1080/01443615.2017.PMID: 1379968.

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23. Waks A, Tabsh K, Tabsh K, Afshar Y. Balloon uterine tamponade device following peripartum hysterectomy for morbidly adherent placentation. Obstet Gynecol. 2018. Sept; 132(3): 643-46. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0000000000002792. PMID: 30095778.

24. Rose K, Guo R, Jensen K, Afshar Y. Simulation to improve trainee skill and comfort with forceps-assisted vaginal deliveries. American Journal of Perinatology Reports. 2019 Jan; 9(1): e6-e9. doi: 10.1055/s-0039-1677736. PMID: 30680251 

25. Chen PJ, Teng PC, Zhu Y, Jan YJ, Smalley M, Afshar Y, Chen LC, Pisarska MD, Tseng HR. Recent Development Toward Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnostics Using Circulating Fetal Nucleated Cells. Curr Obstet Gynecol Rep. 2019 Mar;8(1):1-8. PMID: 31565541. 

26. Afshar Y, Fahey J, Mei J, Gregory KD. Provider Attitudes, Experiences, and Practices on Childbirth Education and Birth Plans. J Perinat Educ. 2019 Jan 1;28(1):10-18. doi: 10.1891/1058-1243.28.1.10. PMID: 31086471

27. Rao R, Gornbein J, Afshar Y, Platt LD, DeVore GR, Krakow D. A new biometric: in-utero growth curves for metacarpal and phalangeal lengths reveals an embryonic patterning ratio. Prenatal Diagnosis. 2019. Feb; 39(3): 200-208. doi: 10.1002/pd.5397. PMID: 30488473.

28. Afshar Y, Gutkin R, Krakow D, Cuckle H, Silverman NS, Platt LD, First-trimester Abdominal Circumference (versus Crown Rump Length) Improves Precision in Inter and Intra-observer Variability. J Ultrasound Med 2019. doi: 10.1002/jum.14913. PMID: 30488473.

29. Afshar Y, Tan W, Jones WM, Lin J, Reardon L, Lluri G, Canobbio M, Aboulhosn J, Koos BJ. Maternal Fontan Procedure is a Predictor of a Small for Gestational Age Neonate: A 10-year retrospective study. Am J Obstet Gynecol MFM. Accepted, In Press.

30. Woods A, Afshar Y, Yin O, Jones WM, Kwan L, Zhang H, Koos BJ, DeVore G. Maternal Central Blood Pressure is Associated with Fetal Middle Cerebral Artery Dopplers. Reproductive Sciences, Pregnancy Hypertens. 2019;19:67–73. doi:10.1016/j.preghy.2019.12.009. 

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33. Fratto, V, Conturie, C, Ballas, J, Pettit, K, Stephenson, Megan L, Truong, Yen N, Henry, D, Afshar Y, Murphy A, Kim, L, Field , N, Wing D, Norton ME, Ramos GA, Fetal Consortium, University of California. Assessing the multidisciplinary team approaches to placenta accreta spectrum across five institutions within the University of California Fetal Consortium (UCfC). Journal of Maternal Fetal and Neonatal Medicine. 2019 Oct 24:1-6. doi: 10.1080/14767058.2019.1676411. PMID: 31645153. 

34. Datkhaeva I, Sklansky M, Afshar Y, Holliman K, DeVore G, Wu J, Walden A, Platt LD, Krakow D. Fetal onset cardiac rhabdomyomas treated with maternal sirolimus. Prenatal Diagnosis. 2019 Nov 19. doi: 10.1002/pd.5613. PMID: 31742705.

35. Szlachta-McGinn, A, Mei J, Tabsh K, Afshar Y. Transverse versus Vertical Skin Incision for Planned Cesarean Hysterectomy for Morbidly Adherent Placentation: Which Is Superior? BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 2020;20(1):65. Published 2020 Jan 31. doi:10.1186/s12884-020-2768-7.

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37. Datkhaeva I, Paek B, Walker M, Liu H, Kwan L, Rao R, Scibetta E, Afshar Y, Holliman K, Wong T, Platt LD, Han CS. Novel use of social media in exploration of regional differences in management and outcomes of monochorionic-diamniotic twins. Am J Perinatology, Published online ahead of print, 2020 Jan 30;  PMID: 32000293.

38. Monni G, Corda V, Iuculano A, Afshar Y. The Decline of of Amniocentesis and the Increase of Chorionic Villus Sampling in Modern Perinatal Medicine. Journal of Perinatal Medicine, Accepted, In Press.

Chapters (chronological)

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