Requests for Material from the Registry for Research Collaboration

The ISDR welcomes collaborations with researchers from around the world.  Our collaborations with scientists worldwide help to facilitate advancements in research. Please note that we are not licensed to carry out clinical testing, all samples submitted to us are used for research only.

If you wish to collaborate with the registry, your institution must hold a Federal wide Assurance (FWA) number and your research must operate under the guidance of an Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee.

To apply for an FWA number through the NIH, click here:

  • If you have both an FWA number and an approved research protocol, please email your request directly to the ISDR.
  • The ISDR investigators will review your request to determine if we have the materials you are interested in and to be certain that there are no conflicting research interests.
  • Your information will then be sent to our IRB for approval.  This may take 1-2 months.  You will only have to go through this process at the time you submit your FIRST request to the Registry.