Submit a Request

  1. Complete the Service Request Form.
  2. Email the service request form to [email protected] or [email protected].
  3. BTTR will follow up with you by email regarding your request.
  4. Please call 310-794-6769 for questions.

IRB Requirements 

All investigators utilizing non-anonymized human tissues must have IRB approval to obtain services from the BTTR. This includes all BTTR services, from tissue procurement to digital slide scanning services, and is a requirement of the UCLA IRB.

Investigators using animal tissues, deidentified human samples, or autopsy tissue samples may not require an IRB. Please clarify with the IRB. It is important to understand that deidentified samples DO NOT contain any link back to the BTTR identifier. Thus, if at a later time, additional tissue from the same patient or same specimen is needed, this cannot be provided. Investigators exclusively using brain autopsy tissues may not need an IRB approval.