Research Services

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10833 Le Conte Ave, CHS A2-236
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1732
Phone: (310) 206-2292

Elaine Reed, PhD
Vice Chair, Research Services
Director, UIC & IAC

Dawn Ward, MD
Director, CPRS & PRP

Fausto Rodriguez, MD
Director, BTTR

Samuel French MD, PhD
Director, TPCL

Xinmin Li, PhD
Director, TCGB

For general inquiries and pricing information, please email [email protected]


The Division of Research Services is composed of core laboratories that serve the research community with innovative instrumentation, technologies and specialized services, which are utilized by a broad segment of the UCLA biomedical community. Working with an eye toward the future, the division is laying a foundation to increase services including whole genome sequencing, creation of a state-of-the-art digital imaging core lab, biobanking, expanding chemistry, hematology, coagulation and endocrine testing for clinical trial work and growing the immune assessment services for clinical trials.

Center for Pathology Research Services (CPRS)

The Center for Pathology Research Services (CPRS) functions as a centralized and comprehensive resource for investigators seeking to access and utilize services offered by the Department's core facilities and clinical testing laboratories. This single point-of-service includes assistance with basic inquiries about services available, protocol review, pricing inquiry, budget development, IRB support, invoicing, result reporting, and specimen handling, among other operational and logistical needs. By utilizing our services, researchers can expect improved access to the available research resources in the Department of Pathology, easy navigation through the large research service menu, improved coordination and throughput of service requests, and significant cost savings through utilization of pathology shared resources. Currently, CPRS provides research services through the following core facilities and all pathology clinical labs:

Personnel Title Phone Number Email Address
Clara Magyar, PhD Manager              310-825-6008 [email protected]
Lien Cheung Supervisor          310-206-6415 [email protected]
Imantha Ambrose Research Coordinator 310-794-1519 [email protected]