Research Enterprise

The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine is an integral part of the vibrant UCLA research enterprise and includes faculty members with a broad array basic, translational, and of clinical research interests in areas that include Bioinformatics, Cancer Biology, Immunology/Inflammation, Metabolism, Neuroscience, and Regenerative Medicine. Departmental researchers seek to better understand disease pathogenesis and translate these findings to the clinic. Departmental research has continued to thrive and grow over the past decade. Our faculty publish their findings in many of the top biomedical journals such as Cell, Immunity, Molecular Cell, Nature Immunology, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Faculty researchers generated over $37 million in active extramural funding, including $26 million from NIH, for FY2016.

The large group of investigators in the Department provides numerous opportunities for interaction through informal discussions, frequent seminars, Grand Rounds presentations, and various symposia. In addition, faculty in the Department interface with the larger UCLA research community via various interdepartmental programs. As a result of these activities, UCLA is a highly interactive and collaborative environment in which interdisciplinary research flourishes.


Peter Tontonoz, MD, PhD

Vice Chair for Research

Ph: 310-206-4546 | Email

David W. Dawson, MD, PhD

David W. Dawson, MD, PhD

Associate Vice Chair for Research

Ph: 310-206-1763 | Email

Jonathan W. Said, MD

Jonathan W. Said, MD

Vice Chair for Clinical Research

Ph: 310-825-1149 | Email