Immune Assessment Core (IAC)

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About Us

The Immune Assessment Core (IAC) is a CLIA certified laboratory (#045D0642433) providing comprehensive immunological testing services for basic, clinical, and translational studies. The IAC provides both standardized and customized multi-parameter flow cytometry, multiplexed immunoassays, ultra-sensitive immunoassay technology (Simoa Quanterix)and cellular immune function assays to evaluate the innate and adaptive immune status of study subjects. The Core uses high-throughput technologies to maximize data output using small sample volumes. We work closely with our clients to assist with data analysis and interpretation to maximize knowledge gained.

Validated tests include comprehensive immunophenotyping panels, multiplexed cytokine/chemokine detection in body fluids or culture supernatants, single molecule assays (Simoa), several ELISA assays, allo- and virus-specific T cell activation, T and B cell proliferation to antigens and mitogens, NK cell cytotoxicity, and granulocyte/monocyte oxidative burst. These assays can be used to aid the diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency and for immune monitoring purposes. In addition to our various validated assays, the core performs customized assay development to meet the investigators’ needs.

The IAC is actively involved in projects aimed at standardizing immune assessment assays, including the NIH CTOT harmonization consortium and the FOCIS/NIH sponsored HIPC validation project. These consortia are focused on developing and implementing standardized protocols for testing and data analysis.

Current Events

Kyle Valiente Almendras was recruited as the new SRA in the Immune Assessment Core

Recent Publications

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