Our portal offers all tests listed on the UCLA Laboratory Manual and all of our tests are run by CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratories. 

In addition, we provide services ranging from sample processing, aliquoting, storage and shipping for all research studies. Effective September 2016, CPRS charged a one-time only study set-up fee up for each UC industry/for-profit funded and Non-UC clinical research study, regardless whether Anatomic and/or Clinical Pathology services are required. All UC non-profit studies will remain exempt from a set-up fee.

                                                          PROCESSING SERVICE
Processing Services: Centrifuging (Ambient and 4c Temperatures), Aliquoting, PBMC Processing
Document Preparation (Paper and E-Manifests, Worksheets)
Storage in -20c Freezer, -80c Freezer, and Liquid Nitrogen
Storage Tracking for Long Term Storage Samples
Accessioning for Clinical Testing performed at the UCLA Clinical Labs
Shipping Preparation by Certified PRP Staff
Materials and Supplies at Cost
Study Review and Activation by the CPRS team
Pathologist Consultation (Study Specific)

*Cost available upon request

*IMPORTANT NOTE: For protocols requiring longer than 1.5 hrs of processing per subject, please contact CPRS staff to develop a custom quote; Temporary storage of < 5 business days is included with processing. After 5 business days, a one-time accessioning fee per sample and freezer box rental monthly rate applies even if samples are not stored for the full month; All packing/shipping does NOT include shipping labels, supplies and courier fees. Price may vary, please contact [email protected] to obtain the most up-to-date information.