Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




Financial Reports

  1. I would like to setup regular meetings with my fund manager to review reports. Who is my fund manager? How often can I expect to receive reports? If I would like to setup regular meetings, who can I expect to attend from Finance?

Fund managers are assigned by divisions.  You can reach out to Mark Kimura, [email protected], or your division Administrative Partner to find out your assigned fund manager.  We are happy to schedule regular meetings with anyone who wishes to do so.  The frequency of reports, meetings and who will attend is unique to each individual’s needs. Please work with your fund manager to discuss your needs.

  1. Who reviews my RPPR and provides the expected balance?

Your fund manager will assist you with the RPPR and provide the projected balance.  Ultimately, Thomas Kaner and Erica Stanley will perform a final review and Keith Steele will submit the RPPR.

Proposal and Study Initiation Timelines

  1. Why does my Division Chief now need to sign off on the EPASS for all of my research proposals?

This process provides an opportunity for your Division Chief to become aware of all of the research proposals that you are submitting throughout the year, not only during the annual budget process. Furthermore, by reviewing your proposed budget, the Division Chief may be able to offer suggestions on available resources of which you were not otherwise aware.

  1. Can you help me search for new funding opportunities?

Yes, All UCLA faculty and staff have access to the SPIN database which is a searchable tool with 40,000 funding opportunities that is regularly updated with new funding opportunities as sponsors release them.  The database can be used to search by key words or by more complex criteria like sponsor type, fellowships training grants, etc. and researchers can also save search criteria that fit their research needs and be sent by email automated updates when new matching funding opportunities are posted. Please click here for more information about SPIN.

In addition to the SPIN database, NIH also posts a searchable database with all NIH funding opportunities by institute (NCI, NICHD, etc…) or by mechanism (R01, K23, etc..) as well as other federal sponsor’s opportunities like CDC, FDA, and HRSA. 

  1. I’m putting in a new grant proposal. Do you have any templates that I can use?

Yes, please visit our Research Templates page, where you can find templates and other useful information to assist with your grant proposal.

  1. How can investigators and staff influence the start-up timeline in order to complete a research agreement most efficiently?

Sponsor and university start-up requirements and timelines vary depending on the research proposal details. At the outset of any new proposal, right away investigators and staff should initiate conversations with the Pediatrics Office of Strategic Research (OSR). OSR will coordinate and support the administrative actions required to advance, process, and finalize any research proposal, including preparing required forms and advising on the particulars of committees, budgeting, and contracting. To notify OSR of a new research proposal that is not a clinical trial, complete this intake survey. If your proposal is a clinical trial, complete this brief survey. Where investigators and staff encounter bottlenecks, notify OSR so it may advocate for timely resolution on your behalf. OSR looks forward to supporting your research.   

  1. For a clinical trial, is there a way to start working on the budget and contract at the same time as the IRB application is being reviewed?

This is possible for industry-sponsored studies where the contract is reviewed through the Clinical Trials Contracts and Strategic Relations (CTCSR) office and the sponsor and study team agree to rely on a commercial IRB. The study team would use BruinIRB to submit a request to rely on the commercial IRB. BruinIRB does not use pre-IRB numbers; an IRB number is created as soon as an application is initiated. Please contact the Pre-Award Team as soon as you have the IRB number and we will work with the study team to submit CTCSR’s Minimum Documents to initiate the budget and contract review process.

BruinIRB also allows study teams to “pre-submit” the study into OnCore if it meets certain criteria such as external IRB reliance. This option is available under “Clinical Research Form” Item 12 in the BruinIRB application. If a study team opts to “pre-submit,” a study record can be created in OnCore prior to IRB submission. CTCSR relies on OnCore record creation to place the study in their queue, so utilizing the “pre-submission” option allows contract review to begin independent of IRB submission status. Note that study teams must include basic study information in BruinIRB (protocol, investigational product information [e.g. IB or device brochure], and draft consent materials with UCLA billing language) and select the “pre-submit” option in the application for the process to be initiated.

Early creation of the OnCore record also allows study teams to submit ancillary applications in the CAFÉ system prior to IRB submission, which can expedite budget timelines.

Hiring Research Personnel

  1. I have heard that the Dept has a centralized coordinator pool. Can you tell me more about that?

The department has staff available to support clinical research initiatives. For more information, please go here

  1. I have been hearing that there will be centralized staff to do all purchasing. When will that start? Who do I work with?

Please contact Lori Crawford with any questions, [email protected]

  1. I only need a part time lab tech. Is there a process within the Department for sharing lab personnel?

Please contact Kelly Roberts with any questions, [email protected]

  1. I was recently awarded a new grant and will need to hire a research assistant. I know in the past, we needed to get special approval to hire anyone new. Is that still happening?

Please contact Kelly Roberts with any questions, [email protected]

  1. How long will it take to post a new position? What is the average length of time from posting a JD to hiring?

Please contact Kelly Roberts with any questions, [email protected]