Research Infrastructure


Dumesic Lab Research

The research of our talented team of CDI scientists covers both the full translation SPECTRUM of RESEARCH as well as the broad CDI Research Themes. CDI fosters team science reflecting a rich collaboration with many other departments, centers and organizations.

As such, many of our scientists address more than one type of Spectrum or Theme.

Spectrum of Research

Each scientist’s research primary area fits into the following types of studies to show how the scientific findings translate to Humans (Basic Science & T1)Patients (T2), to Practice (T3) to Population Health (T4).

  • Basic Science & T1: Basic Laboratory Science (molecular and animal studies) or very early first in human clinical trials which aim to discover underlying mechanisms of disease
  • T2: Later phase clinical trials (drugs, devices, interventions including behavioral treatments) tested in patients
  • T3: Clinical research in real world settings, dissemination/implementation and health services research
  • T4: Studies that promote prevention of disease, examine social determinants of health, and improve population health

CDI Research Themes

The Institute pioneers advancements in pediatric medicine in the following main areas of research:

  • B&B: Brain and Behavior 
  • C&R: Cancer and Regeneration
  • III: Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
  • NHD: Neonatal Health and Development
  • NMG: Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth

Research in each theme focuses on prevention, screening, treatment, and training opportunities for the next generation of pediatricians. A mentorship program in the six primary research areas enables younger physicians and scientists to learn from UCLA's world-class experts in pediatric medicine and collaboratively with related disciplines.