The UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute (CDI) promotes Child Health Research programs to connect all research and training activities related to improving children's health and health care.

The purpose of this seminar series is to provide an interactive forum to share and stimulate research ideas which we hope will generate collaborative team science grant applications for innovative and translational child health research.

 MARK YOUR CALENDARS now and share with others who may be interested. 

Series Virtual Location (unless otherwise noted): 

Zoom ID: 952 1179 4579

Password: CDI2023

Contact:  Aria Mohseny | Administrative Specialist, UCLA CDI Institute | [email protected]

CDI seminar themes:

  • BBD: Brain, Behavior and Development
  • C&R: Cancer and Regeneration
  • CVH: Cardiovascular Health
  • III: Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
  • NHD: Neonatal Health and Development
  • NMG: Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth
  • HSR: Health Services Research