Welcome to UCLA Health! UCLA Health placed #1 in California and in Los Angeles in the annual best hospitals rankings and ratings by U.S. News & World Report. For the 34th consecutive year, UCLA Health appeared on the national honor roll. UCLA is a world renowned institution which is uniquely situated in the West Los Angeles area offering a broad patient population throughout our rotating sites for our residents’ training.

The Department of Radiology at UCLA is committed to providing its trainees high-level instruction, unique experience and comprehensive evaluation necessary to succeed in all systems practicing diagnostic radiology, combining outstanding patient care and excellence in clinical imaging, research, and educational programs with state-of-the-art technology.

Our program aims to guide residents in attaining mastery of the clinical skills needed to become highly accomplished radiologists. Leadership is focused on fostering academic research engagement and innovation to develop radiologists that advance the field of medical imaging. Residents are provided with outstanding and comprehensive education and educational experiences with the purpose of developing advocates for the practice of radiology, who will serve as critical interdisciplinary team members by providing ethical, professional and valuable medical expertise to patients and colleagues.

UCLA Radiology Residency has always embraced diversity beginning with modified holistic review of all residency applications, regardless of school, grades and scores, research experience, gender, orientation, ethnicity, and life experiences; review of residency applications is not limited to the program director and is conducted by all selection committee members, which promotes diverse appraisal of an applicant's qualifications, experience and background.

Both practice and more recently active focus have resulted in a historically dynamic cohort of diverse individuals. Importantly, the UCLA GME has also created an Equity and Diversity Inclusion (EDI) group to promote diversity awareness through events but also education on holistic review of applicants and unconscious bias.

By having a diverse training program, the department is in position to retain many of our trainees onto faculty. The department of radiology is committed to recruiting excellence at all levels, regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity or cultural background and life experiences. Through these efforts we deliver experiential diversity to ensure graduating residents will excel in a variety of healthcare environments throughout their careers.

We look forward to meeting you all during this recruitment season and providing you with information regarding your potential training at UCLA.


Robert Suh, MD
Robert Suh, MD

UCLA Radiology
Vice Chair of Education