Booking Information & Directions

Thank you for your interest in reserving CASIT space for your upcoming event. Please visit the CASIT Calender on our Homepage to view the CASIT events calendar in order to determine times when CASIT space may be available for reservation. Once you have chosen a day and time for your event, kindly forward us an email request using the CASIT Space Reservation Request form noted below to [email protected]. We will then be able to confirm the reservation appropriately, considering the information and details provided and CASIT’s ability to support the event.

CASIT Facility Reservation Policy

Prioritization: Please be aware that CASIT gives priority in reserving all center spaces to CASIT activities in support of our education, research, and telehealth missions. When our facilities are not being utilized by our own programs we will be happy to permit reservations for educational activities that fall outside of our core mission.

Limitations on Future Reservations: We will accept reservations for one time events for up to six months in the future, however any reservations for further than one month into the future will be subject to preemption for CASIT priority activities.

Consideration of Recurring Meeting Reservations: For non-CASIT activities we generally discourage requests to schedule recurring meetings. Such requests may be permitted in our conference room during non-peak time periods for meetings that run no more than one hour in length, with reservations limited to a maximum of six months in advance, except for ongoing recurring meetings that renew annually, for the coming fiscal year, in which case we will accept reservations for a maximum of twelve months in advance. For any recurring meeting reservations that are agreed to we request that you arrange for back-up space for each future meeting as we will preempt your meetings for CASIT core activities if necessary. When we do preempt your meetings we will make every effort to provide as much notice as possible but cannot guarantee that you will have sufficient time to find alternate space unless you pre-arrange it.

CASIT Facility Reservation Request 

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