Laser-generated Shockwaves for Treatment of Infected Wounds

CASIT and Eisenhower Medical Center (EMC) in Rancho Mirage, CA are collaborating on a project to characterize the critical communication and control factors that impact the success of performing surgery and interventional procedures over long distance digital links for the purposes of training, mentoring, consulting, diagnostics, or performing clinical procedures.

This project utilizes a novel laparoscopic surgery device developed at CASIT, the Laparobot, to conduct studies of a variety of critical communication and control factors, such as latency and quality-of-service, in concert with a variety of user population factors, such as prior training and skill levels, over a telemedical link to be established between CASIT and EMC. The studies will utilize standardized laparoscopic surgery training tasks, which have been established as credentialing standards for surgical residents, and will also permit comparisons of performance results with prior studies.

Investigators: Warren S. Grundfest, MD, FACS

Graduate Students: Nathan Craig Francis, William Yao