Fellow Training Experience

Training Experience Overview

Fellow Training

The goal of our fellowship training experience is to equip our trainees with the surgical and decision making and management skills required to tackle the entire transplant continuum from evaluation to post transplant management. Fellows are treated as colleagues and are thus integral in the workup, operative planning, execution and post-operative management of hepatobiliary cases Fellows rotate on the liver kidney hepatobiliary and donor rotations throughout the two-year span of the fellowship and achieve autonomy during these procedures as they progress during the first through the through the program.

Upon completing the fellowship fellows have acquired experience in every nuance of transplantation with all the possible technical challenges that may arise. Indeed, the UCLA fellow experience is commensurate with that of a junior faculty member and is perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of the program.

Clinical Experience

Fellow Training Experience

Fellows are Integrated into the entire transplant continuum caring for patients in a comprehensive multidisciplinary manner gaining experience in a high case volume in high case complexity environment. This exposure equips our graduates to tackle the entire spectrum of organ specific disease.

Fellows are involved in all aspects of patient care including: evaluation, patient selection, organ recipient matching, post-operative complication recognition and management, immunosuppression, complex ethical dilemmas, management of high acuity patients, and complex risk stratification.


Fellow Training Experience 2
  • Pre and Post Liver Transplant  
  • Hepatobiliary/Living Donor 
  • Pre and Post Renal Transplant/Living Donor
  • Pre and Post Pancreas Transplant
  • Pre and Post Intestinal Transplant


Fellows are exposed to the entire spectrum of case types and operative

scenarios including:

Fellow Training Experience 11
  • Adult and pediatric liver transplantation
  • Adult and pediatric kidney transplantation
  • Bi-Caval liver transplantation
  • Piggyback liver transplantation
  • Veno-venous bypass
  • Redo-transplantation
  • Heart-liver transplantation
  • Lung liver transplantation
  • Liver kidney transplantation
  • Multivisceral transplantation
  • Pancreas transplantation
  • Islet transplantation
  • All types of vascular reconstruction during graft implantation


Organ procurement training encompasses:

Fellow Training Experience 1
  • DCD donors
  • DBD donors
  • In situ donor split (liver only)
  • Living kidney donor transplantation
  • All aspects of back table preparation and vascular reconstruction
Fellow Training Experience 3


  • Patient selection committee
  • Hepatology conference
  • Pathology conference
  • Transplant morbidity and mortality conference
  • Hepatobiliary tumor board
  • Transplant grand Rounds
  • Transplant Journal club