• One or more doctoral degrees (e.g., MD, MD/PhD, PhD, or DrPH)
  • US citizen or legal permanent resident at the time of fellowship appointment

Criteria for Selection

  • Commitment to an academic or public health career focused on improving care and conducting outcomes research in urologic/gynecologic oncology
  • Record of academic excellence and research achievement (honors, awards, performance in medical school and/or graduate school, publications)
  • Three (3) strong letters of recommendation


Applications are due March 1 of each year.

If you would like to apply or receive more information about the fellowship program, please:

  • To learn more: Please email questions to [email protected] (include your CV if you think you may apply).
  • To apply: Please send a CV, a cover letter describing your interest in the program, short- and long-term career goals and a shortlist of potential faculty mentors. Please send all materials to [email protected]. Please seek 3 letters of support from faculty or colleagues with whom you have worked to be sent directly to [email protected].