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UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital cares for the physical and emotional well-being of young people of all ages. Ranked among the nation’s elite pediatric teaching hospitals, we treat critically ill children with sophisticated, compassionate care in an environment that is welcoming and healing to children and their families.

Children’s bodies are vastly different from those of adults. They need special hospitals and health care that make them feel safe and secure. Understanding that “children are not small adults,” we pay utmost attention to the social and emotional needs of hospitalized children and their families. Specialists from UCLA’s acclaimed Chase Child Life program help ease the fear and anxiety associated with hospitalization. They communicate accurate and age-appropriate information, identifying potential stressors and teach coping strategies to patients and family members. Therapeutic interventions, such as art, music and dance/movement help reduce anxiety and support physical development in young patients.

UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital combines leading research with world-class clinical care to provide hope and comfort to the families of sick children while also administering the best and most comprehensive care available.